Worksite WTR Course

This course is designed for employers to provide training and be able to provide proof of competency by a registered assessor. This helps to ensure you are meeting your employer obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

Worksite Wheels, Tracks or Rollers Course

Consists of prestudying a manual posted at least a week prior to training. 2 hours theory, followed by a closed book Theory Test. On passing the theory a 15-20 minute Practical Assessment is completed if the operator is experienced at using the equipment. If not, a full days course is required with the remainder of the day being used to train the driver to use the equipment they are to be assessed on. Assessment is against Unit Standard 16701, 16702 or 16703 as applicable but will not be lodged due to the driver not holding the correct Class of Drivers Licence.

2.5 Hour Course. Allow an additional 1-2 hours for practical training if required. If doing a combination of Wheels, Tracks or Rollers Endorsement at the one time allow 3 hours for all 3 endorsements.

Location Options:

At Your Premises or at our Henderson Site - more information on training at our site.

Wheels Tracks & Rollers

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