Workplace WTR Audits

Make sure you have the right procedures and practices in place to meet Worksafe’s requirements

An audit is a brilliant investment to ensure you have meet your Health and Safety obligations, as well as declare to staff that safety plays an important part in your work culture.

By having a fresh set of eyes look at your practices and procedures there can often be areas in which you as a company know you are doing but there is no proof.  A simple form or process may be all it needs to show this is being routinely carried out as necessary.  Due to going to many sites and dealing with many varying clients needs we have usually seen systems that will work for whatever situation you have, or we can suggest options that you may want to persue.  These audits are to provide you with a tool to gather information, not a measure of forcing new policies and procedures on a company…that is not our place.  Our aim, like yours, is to ensure all of your employees and site visitors/contractors go home safe each night.

The audit includes a range of areas:

  • Working areas are safely contained;
  • Management plans are in place and followed for pedestrians and other traffic;
  • Signage;
  • Machinery/Attachments are correctly checked and maintained;
  • Road regulations are complied with;
  • Operators are trained and knowledgeable on their task at hand;
  • Operators are using equipment correctly;
  • You have the correct procedures in place;
  • Speaking to operators and other staff about their views on the safety and operation of machinery on site.

The cost of an audit is minimal given you are charged at an hourly rate and given a full report as a result.  Even if the audit finds you have done everything right, this in itself is valuable when completing a worksite (or similar) audit to show that you have done everything practicable to meet Health and Safety Act obligations.

We are always conscious of ensuring whenever we give out advice or information we do not breach client confidentiality as we respect the importance of this.

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