Tracks Endorsement (T)

This enables you to drive a special type vehicle that runs on self-laying tracks on a Public ROAD

The machinery must be registered and warranted for the road.

A road is defined as “an area principally used for vehicle or pedestrian traffic, which the general public have access to, whether as of right or not” – this includes, but is not limited to, a customer carpark, internal road, New Zealand roads, footpaths, driveways.


(you are able to book this course at the same time as booking the Wheels and/or Rollers Endorsement, it is a cheaper option to do a combination at the same time)

Tracks Endorsement Course

Consists of prestudying a manual posted at least a week prior to training. 2 hours theory, followed by a closed book Theory Test. On passing the theory a 10-15 minute Practical Assessment is completed on a simulated road. The Unit Standard 16702 is automatically registered by us against the students Record of Learning (RoL) with the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) as part of protocol (refer NZQA Units). An Endorsement Certificate is issued for the student to take in to a New Zealand Land Transport Agency to update their Drivers Licence.

2.5 Hour Course. Allow an additional 1-2 hours for practical training if required. If doing a combination of Wheels, Tracks or Rollers Endorsement at the one time allow 3 hours for all 3 endorsements.

Location Options:

At Your Premises or at our Henderson Site - more information on training at our site.

Wheels Tracks & Rollers

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