Specialised WTR Training


  • Hold a Competency or WTR Endorsement that was issued by ASWEFA

There are several reasons to carry out specialised training.  This may be one or a combination of the following:

  • upskill a competent operator in their driving techniques;
  • teach an operator how to use new machinery or a new attachment;
  • reevaluate an operator who has been involved in an incident, particularly if it has affected their confidence or the cause of the incident was due to displaying a poor driving technique at the time;
  • give training in a certain work environment on new procedure being implemented.

When a company invests in their employees to get the most out of them and the machinery it is a WIN WIN for all involved.  

  • drivers often feel that the company values them due to investing in them;
  • drivers will be safer operators and they will be aware the company values a safe working culture;
  • the company receives a more proficient operator who will save them money in the long run by reducing wear on the machinery;
  • drivers are likely to be quicker and take less manoeuvres to carry out their job task;

Location Options:

At Your Premises or at our Henderson Site - more information on training at our site.

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